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Project Introduction

Not seasonal oil changes, the country any time I travel!
Four Seasons chain of quick oil change center, Lung Poon under commercial vehicle repair industry is facing more and more challenges in the background, a nationwide commercial launch of a standardized products, standardized appearance of the image, standardized business model car oil change chain brand.
Four Seasons series diesel oil products, with excellent low-temperature startup and outstanding thermal protection properties, can promote engine power, improve engine wear and oil consumption, prolong engine life. For commercial vehicles with a large range of geographical span of the phenomenon, Four Seasons has developed different grades of oil, fully taking into account the different regions, different seasons, different road, lubricants needs of different types of vehicles. Among them, in 2015 the latest "gift drive" series of products, using unique magnetic film technology, life is more durable, more resistant, it has reached the highest international quality level API CJ-4 standards, with long oil change mileage, already as many team and individual customers preferred oil products.
Four Seasons chain of quick oil change centers with a unified image of the terminal stores. Compared with traditional terminal, Four Seasons chain of quick oil change centers for the franchise with a standardized door head shop signs, product displays, display materials and other norms, and regularly sent inspection, supervision, in order to maintain brand image and enhance the owners satisfaction and trust.
Four Seasons chain of quick oil change center has advanced scientific management platform, the majority of owners but also by the Four Seasons chain of quick oil change centers through public micro-channel number, get more information services and value-added services.
Four Seasons chain of quick oil change centers to stores to provide advanced science and unified operational support, serialization training. Meanwhile, the occasional colorful promotional campaign planned for the franchisee, within its own end-use guide to join regional media campaign.
With the improvement of consumers' quality of service requirements to keep a car, the Four Seasons chain of quick oil change centers also launched the "Four Seasons home to keep a car" activities. After keeping a car door was added platform, consumers can by Four Seasons micro-channel public number, 400 service hotline, to your Four Seasons outlets booking service.
The next two years, the Four Seasons chain will rely on strong Longpan resources, will continue to follow the trend, to innovators attitude to lead the upgrade and maintenance of commercial vehicles change the channel, quickly build stores nationwide layout, Four Seasons is willing to work with you to Long Pan as a link, a shared brand value, wealth and win-win business opportunities! Let your career to a higher far more vast sky!