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Our advantage

Three core strengths with your automobile market O2O Fun

1, car manufacturers, electronic business platform, riders Alliance for Lung Poon O2O conservation chain
stores provide source protection;
2, the use of the Internet platform and big data, put accurate advertising for the stores to provide drainage
set-off support; 3, DIY conservation area, allowing riders to experience the conservation car distance fun,
interact with professionals, learn how to raise the car knowledge.
Lung Poon joined O2O conservation chain, shared branding resources and bikers resources,
let your customers automatic door, let your customer price, store approach units times continue
Increased profits continued to climb.
Business worries: the output package of advanced store operations management standards,
to join easily operate. Talent worry: training systems and ongoing technical support
Through the headquarters training, home support and other ways to achieve sustained technical support,
professional and technical capacity to ensure that the store.