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About Us

Jiangsu Lopal Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 (formerly known as Jiangsu Lopal Petrochemical Co., Ltd.), headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, it is the top independent oil companies, owns 11 major product lines, totaling more than 1200 SKU, covered car lubricants, industrial lubricants, automotive chemicals, PM2.5 governance multiple market segments.

Lopal's main products are motor gasoline engine oil, diesel oil, 3ECARE car maintenance products, vehicles, gear oil, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, grease, oil motorcycle, engineering machinery lubricants, industrial lubricants, with an annual capacity of over 300,000 tons.

Since the fundation of Lopal Tech, It has won Nanjing Mayor Award, Jiangsu province quality award, Jiangsu province famous brand, Jiangsu brand-name products, Jiangsu high-tech enterprise, Chinese best innovative enterprise, China Outstanding Marketing Award, the best environmental spare- parts company, Chinese well-known trademark and many other titles and Honor. At the same time Lopal is the sponsor  and the chairman of national fundation of Petroleum Industry Chamber of lubricants professional committee Commerce. In addition, Lopal is also the formal member of the United Nations affiliate Global Compact and Caring For Climate.

January 20, 2014, Lopal Sinopec successfully completed the shareholding reform, officially changed its name to Jiangsu Lopal Technology Corporation. Lopal in its technology, currently has KLS Automobile Jiangsu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Shang Yi, Nanjing Seiko Plastic Co., Ltd., Lopal new lubricating materials (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Lopal Technology (Hong Kong ) Co., Ltd. Nanjing Lopal car maintenance and other six subsidiaries.

10 years, Lopal brand has been widely recognized and endorsed from the consumer and the community. Facing the future, Lopal will adhere to the "build for people, vehicles, life science and technology leading brand of liquid" vision, by building first-class facilities, gather first-class talents, create first-class environment, first-class product manufacturing, the community, for China's auto industry make unremitting efforts to develop.

Currently, Lopal technology's main owner, "Lopal", "KLS", "3ECARE" three brands.

Brand constitution

Three sub brands concentric build new brilliant
Lung Poon lubricants: Technology Zhijing lubrication to Jane             CARE: 3E science and technology to the wisdom of life to Jane             KLS: Science and technology intelligence fine Tim LAN to Jane
From 2003 to the creation of 2014 gorgeous turn to complete the joint-stock transformation, Longpan science and technology development is according to long-range strategic target orbit.
In order to meet the future products will continue to grow, Longpan science and technology under the "Lung Poon" parent brand constructed three major brands, namely: Lung Poon oil, 3e care, the Qur'an, sub brands go hand in hand, representing different brand characteristics and style, corresponding to the new slogan. Longpan science and technology as the three major brands provide high quality image, and sub brand for Lung Poon focuses on shaping the product features and brand culture image, working together, the total building Longpan development opened the door to a new chapter!
Responsibility Innovation Dekaron
Responsibilities: in the face of the market and the customer base of demanding needs of the car, home related areas of research and development work.
Innovation: through continuous innovation of technology, new insight into the core competitiveness of sub brand.
Challenge: in the face of the existing market structure and corporate goals, Longpan technology always adhere to self challenge.


Longpan science and technology in the "responsibility, innovation, challenge the enterprise gene driven, uphold the principle of" Chi technology refined, road to Jane "values, to create attention" person, car, life "liquid technology leading brand.
Our position:Innovative Challenger
Our culture:Responsibility Innovation Dekaron
Our vision:Focus on people, cars, life of liquid science and technology leadership brand
Our business purposes:Taking Longpan as a link, sharing brand value
Our business principles:To the quality of survival to regulate and development
Our rules of action:Market oriented, proactive, professional level, rapid response
Our environmental responsibility:Science and technology as the first, environmental protection norms for the refining of Longpan, mankind has a piece of blue sky

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National Science and technology management headquarters

Address: No. 6 Hengtong road Nanjing economic and Technological Development Zone

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Add: No. 6 Hengtong road Nanjing economic and Technological Development Zone

Tel: (025) 85804868 (025) 85804818

Fax: (025) 85804898